Lifespan Fitness Walkstation Treadmill ErgoDesk

Lifespan Fitness Walkstation Treadmill ErgoDesk



Lifespan Fitness Walkstation Treadmill ErgoDesk

Lifespan’s Walkstation Treadmill B Paired with the dynamic ErgoDesk to form the ultimate work & walk treadmill desk. Independent steel frame & big range of height adjustability suits most users. Comes equipped with the 2.25 CHP High Torque EverDrive H6 Motor for ultimate reliability.

All-in-1 Desktop Controller

Monitor and track your workout with all controls at arm’s reach.

The wired controller is designed to sit anywhere on your standing desk withoutthe need of batteries. Provides full workout data including time, distance,speed and calories as well as a variety of workout programs and modes.


Keeping your treadmill running and running

Nothing will beat EverDrive® in quality and durability. EverDrive® combines innovative motor engineering technology with the highest quality components to produce a new revolutionary treadmill motor.

Spacious DuraGrip® Running Belt

The commercial grade, innovative groove belt which maximizes grip and durability for safe and long lasting high end performance. DuraGrip® belts have anti-static properties and noise reducing materialto ensure a pleasant walk, jog or run.

Multi-purpose Desk

Our Ergo Standing Desk is designed as a versetile work-station to be used in all types of office or home applicatios.

ShockControl Advanced Cushioning

Protect your knees, joints and feet with superior cushioning.

Our Shockcontrol cushioning system is designed to provide excellent support and stability for long distance walking. This is a system ofintegrated support provided by the combination of suspension points, an impact reducing running board and a thick heavy duty steel frame.


Speed: 0.8 to 8km/h

Motor: 2.25 CHP EverDrive® H6 Motor

Suspension: ShockControl TM Basic Cushioning System

Walking Surface: DuraGrip® AS Belt, 1400mm x 510mm (LxW)

Belt Width: 510mm

Max User Weight: 160kg

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Lifespan Fitness Walkstation Treadmill ErgoDesk

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