Functional Fascial Training With Blackroll By Marcel Andra, Dr. Lutz Graumann, Dr. Torsten Pfitzer

Functional Fascial Training With Blackroll By Marcel Andra



The Functional Fascial Training With Blackroll is the ultimate guide that explores functional training and fascial fitness methods. Three fascial experts help guide your use of Blackroll rollers, balls and blocks for maximum results and effectiveness. Each writer has a background in sports medicine, exercise physiology and pain therapy. Learn how to take your workout to the next level and to enhance your strength, stability, mobility and balance by performing with the Blackroll rollers. This must-have guide is loaded with training regimes and 42 fully illustrated exercises for an active, pain-free lifestyle and increased flexibility. It’s an ideal way to ensure your body is prepared, stays healthy and fit in the long term. This essential reading explores everything from therapy to sports and teaches you about Blackroll, self-massage, fascia training or functioning training with Blackroll. It’s also an excellent go-to manual for people in a position to guide others to better health, like personal fitness trainers, movement specialists, physiotherapists or bodyworkers. Enhanced performance and reduced injury risk is in your grasp with Blackroll! Practical Use: Includes instructions for ‘Self Myofascial Treatment’ (SMT) – learning from 3 years of Blackroll Education, as well as functional training exercises and training schedules. 143 Pages Released 2016 About The Authors Marcel Andra is a qualified sports scientist with extensive practical experience as a coach and fascial expert. The former elite athlete was introduced to “foam rolling” through American fitness pros just under ten years ago. Coaching and training people, and working with them to achieve their individual goals, are his greatest passions. Dr. Lutz Graumann is a qualified physician in sports medicine, nutritional medicine, and chiropractic medicine, specialising in promoting and increasing individual performance. Having participated in many different research programs in the USA, Canada, and Europe, he is considered a recognised expert in performance medicine and functional training. Dr. rer. nat. Torsten Pfitzer is a therapist specialising in back pain, as well as an alternative practitioner and pharmacist with his own practice in Munich, Germany. He has completed numerous courses in myofascial kinematics, osteopathy, nutritional therapy, and psycho-emotional kinesiology, and strives to causatively and permanently free his patients from pain by adopting a four-pillar approach.
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