1000 Mile UP Advanced Sports Insole with F3D – Low Arched or Flat Feet


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The 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Advanced Sports Insole with F3D is the perfect solution for runners and athletes with flat or low arched feet, providing stability and support to overpronators. These insoles are designed to reduce the chance of long-term injuries, improve comfort and aid in recovery time. With a full-length memory foam layer, they provide a superior arch-conforming fit and comfort. – Suitable for running, hiking, gym and other physical activitiy – Compatible with most sports shoes with a removable insole – High support to accomodate an overpronated foot type, assisting in injury recovery and prevention – Shock-absorbing design to lift the burden off your feet, knees and hips – Full-length insole reduces impact forces acting on the heel and forefoot and encourage a natural gait – Biomechanical support, cushioned arch support and Met Pad help ward off fatigue and pain from the ground up – Latex free Reduces your risk of and provies relief from: – Osteoarthritis – Patella Tendonitis – ITB Syndrome – Runner’s Knee – Shin Splints / Compartment Syndrome – Achilles Tendonitis – Plantar Fasciitis – Bunions Directions: 1000 Mile recommend wearing them in gradually over a couple of weeks to give your body the opportunty to adapt to a heathier gait and posture without discomfort. Size Guide X-Small: UK 2-4 (34-37) Small: UK 4. 5-7 (37. 5-40) Medium: UK 7. 5-9 (40. 5.-43) Large: UK 9. 5-11 (43. 5-46) X-Large: UK 11. 5-14 (46. 5-49) Contents 60% PU / 20% TPU / 13% F3D Damping Foam / 7% Polyester
Size: XS
Gender: Unisex